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Hi everyone. Since moving with my family, I live a lot closer to the library now. This is a blessing and a curse. It seems every time I go in, I come out with at least one new book. I thought today I would share my recent borrowings. Prepare yourselves, it may look like it’s a lot, but it’s really, um, not? Just kidding. Half of them are physical and half are on my kindle. 


Amy and Roger's Epic Detour Fixing_Delilah Saving_Francesca How It Ends All_American_Boys_Jason_Reynolds Internet_Famous_Danika_StoneKiss_Cam Tash_Hearts_Tolstoy_Kathryn_Ormsbee Foreign_Exposure Fashionistas

I’ve been going through a sort of road-trip, fashion intern, internet sensation, and serious topic mood lately. I picked up Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour because I’ve been reading Open Road Summer. I’m hoping I’ll read Amy & Roger’s after finishing Open Road Summer so I can do a joint review. Actually, a lot of these books will be joint reviews if I read them fast enough.

I picked up Fixing Delilah and Saving Francesca because they’re fairly short. Also because they were looking so sad on the bookshelf when I walked by. I think I have one of them on Kindle but whatever, that’s just details. They needed to be checked out.  I checked out How It Ends because I have been interested in this broken friendship story since it came out. I figured if I check it out, there’s a chance I’ll get to it. Right? Well, one can hope anyway.

I had to grab Tash Hearts Tolstoy which I actually had a hold put on just the other day. As I was leaving the library, I thought I’d go check the hold section to see if it was there by chance and it was! I previously looked for it a few days ago at the library, but rather than look at the new releases section (which I did actually stop by), I looked at it by the author’s last name. I was sad and thought it was forever lost because that does happen sometimes at the library? I bought Eliza and Her Monsters at ALA and I want to review these two at the same time if I can.

If you read my post from the other day, you know that I read Foreign Exposure and Fashionistas already. I thought I would do a re-read though and follow-up with a joint review and/or another feature.

Internet Famous is essentially an inspiration to me now because I may start doing weekly TV recaps along with movie recaps and thoughts. Does that sound like something anyone would be interested in? Either way, I’ll be doing it because I love the idea.  I’m not doing it at all to actually become internet famous, why would you think that?  This was actually a feature I had drafted up on my laptop, prior to it’s death, when The Vampire Diaries was still airing and The 100 was on.

I thought I would get Kiss Cam too since it was mere inches away and a title I’d been sort of interested in. Rather than recaps though, it deals with vlogging, video blogging as well as kissing. It sounds interesting and of course, a little problematic when things start heating up, as I’m sure they will.

Finally, I checked out All-American Boys last month before ALA and had hoped to finish it by now. Unfortunately, if you have been around my blog or twitter for long, you might know that I kind of switch books often.

Now for the ebooks! Overdrive is the real blessing and curse. I should not be allowed to freely roam on that website with the power to checkout numerous 10 books.


Thisiswhathappylookslike_zpsf7bac1d7 The_Sound_of_UsScarlett Epstein Hates It Here Stranger_Than_FanfictionTextrovertExit Pursued By Bear What_Girls_Are_Made_Of    Dead_Little_Mean_Girl This_Adventure_Ends\Avalon_High

Once again, you can kind of see the trend of music, famous people, social media and serious contemporary going on. I was really excited to see Overdrive had This Is What Happy Looks Like. I bought it when I first started my book blog, but never got around to read it because it just looks so intimidating with it’s page count. I thought maybe I would do better reading it on a Kindle. I threw in Avalon High because I really like that book. I also despise the movie adaptation but that is a whole other story I won’t get into.

If you have read any of these books, I want to hear all about it. With all of that said, I have a question about what you would like to see on my blog more! I’m posting the question on Twitter, but I’ll link it here as well. 


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