What Is Veronica Mars?

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This is the first post for my “More Than This Provinicial Life” feature which will delve into different shows, movies, musicals, anime and other non-book related, possibly life related stuff that I want to talk about. Enjoy. 🙂
What Is Veronica Mars?
Alternate titles were:
  • What Do You Mean You Don’t Watch Veronica Mars?
  • What Are You Doing With Your Life?
  • You Have That ARC I Want
One thing you may not know about me is that I love Veronica Mars. Like love her. Like, if she were on fire and I were on fire and you happened to have a hose to put one of us out, I’d tell you to save her.
Yeah, that’s a bit of a bizarre metaphor/simile/example/”A”-word-I-Can’t-Think-Of, just go with it. The point is, I. love. Veronica. Mars.
Now what is Veronica Mars you ask?
The Little MermaidVeronica Mars is one of the best tv shows ever made.
“But Amber, you still marathon Boy Meets World and Degrassi and you haven’t watched a quarter of the new shows since the 90s”
Well yes, that is true, but Veronica Mars is the best.
Here’s the lowdown on it.
A girl named Veronica is thrust into social ostracization after she sides with her dad who accuses “the most powerful guy in town” of killing his own daughter, Lily, Veronica’s best friend. Veronica loses her friends, her boyfriend, and her mother. In the midst of this, Veronica copes by trying to find the murderer and is still dealing with her own life. 

Reasons Why I Love Veronica Mars 

(And You Will To)

1. There is an arc-long mystery
The great thing about Veronica Mars is how there are clues and reveals throughout the entire first season for who the murderer is. Unlike Pretty Little Liars, Veronica’s able to solve the mystery within a very reasonable amount of time.


Besides the main mystery in season one, every episode involves Veronica doing a case, these cases vary greatly. 
2. Veronica takes no bs
Veronica while being ostracized from her peers and old friends, sheds her skin from before Lily’s murder happens. Instead of the goody two shoes she once was, she’s now a harder, tougher, more resilient character. She doesn’t let anyone get her down and has no problem defending herself.
Veronica Mars
Yes, that is a TASER in her hand
3. Best. Theme. Song. Ever.
You pretty much don’t get much better than this. This theme song fits the show perfectly. I don’t think I’ve heard a more fitting theme song to a show ever. It’s perfect. Absolutely perfect.
A long time ago we used to be friends
but I haven’t thought of you lately at all
if ever again, a greeting I send to you,
short and sweet to the soul is all I intend.
4. It’s smart
The dialogue, the storylines, the characters, they’re all just so smart. This show doesn’t talk down to teen audiences at all. Veronica’s of course the shining example of this as she goes to any length to get to the bottom of the mystery and she’s beyond smart when it comes to people trying to pull one over. There’s also so much depth to each of the characters from the bad boy, Logan, Lily’s ex boyfriend to Weevil, the leader of a motorcycle gang to Wallace, Veronica’s best friend.
5. Flawed Characters
As awesome as Veronica is, she’s definitely not without flaws. She can come across as self-involved in solving Lily’s murder, she always asks for favors but it is sort of hard to be friends with.
She can come across as a hard ass (for lack of better terms), she’s a bit closed off from people, she can be arrogant, she’s not always the best person to be in a relationship with and she’s extremely cynical (for good reasons).


Despite Veronica being rough around the edges, you can’t help loving her. She’s witty, determined,  brave, smart, kind, and just. If she ever does anything “bad” to someone, it’s normally because they deserved it. Although she can definitely do some questionable things. At the end of the day, she’s just trying to live her life.
6. Veronica’s Home Life
You would think dealing with her best friend’s murder would be hard enough on her and it definitely is, but that doesn’t mean it’s all Veronica has to deal with. Veronica definitely doesn’t have the most perfect home life when we meet her. Her mother’s left her and her father after Lily’s murder and makes no attempt to contact Veronica. Luckily for Veronica, her dad, Keith is always there for her no matter what. He helps her in anyway he can and genuinely cares about Veronica. The father/daughter relationship is one of the greatest parent/teen relationships I’ve ever seen.
Dad_Two Dad_One
7. Veronica is a freaking detective
Like a legit detective, she’s paid for her services, she solves serious and minor crimes. She figures out all the cases the incompetent police department can’t or don’t even care about. Everyone comes to her for help, whether they know her or not and she generally always helps.
8. Veronica is a social outcast
Like I said, Veronica’s ostracized from all of her classmates, she’s not well liked and has a bit of a reputation. I love that though. It’s rare to see a character whose a social outcast that is still so comfortable with who they are. Veronica’s definitely confident in who she is and what she does. 
“Trouble Is A Friend” just came to mind….
Oh yeah, she occasionally sees the school counselor.
Yes, she is awesome. 
9. She’s so sarcastic!
And yes, that is one of the main reasons I love Veronica Mars. She’s so sarcastic almost to a fault, but she’s amazing.
10. Hilarious
Veronica is overall hilarious. As are so many of the other characters like Wallace, Weevil and Logan. 
10. The Social Class Issue
One of my favorite aspects of Veronica Mars besides the amazing dialogue and humor is the social inequality there is in Neptune. Veronica Mars is big on social class. In the beginning, before Lily died, Veronica hung out with the popular kids, the 009ers whose parents are ambassadors or work for ambassadors or some other rich, important, job. Veronica’s family never had too much money, but she got a free pass into their world when she dated Duncan. 
“If you go here, your parents are either millionaires, or your parents work for millionaires,”
Veronica’s then in her own social class, not an 009, not a PCHer. She’s not exactly rich, but not poor either. Although this isn’t consistent throughout the entire series, as far as the first season goes, she pretty much is in the middle of the two classes. 
“People might think of Neptune as glamorous, home to movie stars and captains of industry, But when the class war comes, Neptune will be ground zero. It’s a Springsteen song. Get out while you’re young.”
11. The Issues
From murders to abandoning moms, from social class to rape, from transexuals to cults, from mobs to abuse, Veronica Mars does not back away from the issues and I love it all the more for it.
12. Swoon
And of course, what would this amazing teen drama be without a grand romance or two? There are a couple moments in this series that make me swoon.


13. Unpredictable
Veronica Mars always kept me on my toes, even when I thought I knew who the murderer would be, I was surprised to find out I was wrong. There’s a wide variety of cases, some big and small, and the conclusions to them are all surprising.
14. Soundtrack
Every show is only as good as it’s most amazing song, I’ve talked about the theme song, now let me dive into the other musical devices. This features Tegan and Sara, David Garza (with the song Butterflies<3), The Postal Service, Spoon, Mike Doughty,
15. The Characters
You’re going to fall in love with the characters, you will. What I love about the characters is that they all have elaborate backgrounds. You know how in some shows or books, you hear about their background, but you never really see it? I know this happens with Lily’s murder in the beginning, but for all of the other characters, we see their home lives. There’s a wide array of characters in this show with unique backgrounds and issues. We see Veronica’s home life, Logan’s home life, Weevil’s home life and Wallace’s home lives. We learn about the students around the school. It’s all just so freaking diverse.
Okay, Veronica Mars is a cult favorite, so it didn’t do too well on the CW/WB when it was first on there. It got cancelled after the third season (and it’s the worst mistake ever made). Ten years later, the writer of the show, Rob Thomas writes a screenplay, puts up a Kickstarter campaign and the fans raise the money in less than a week (I believe). Tons of people loved this show SO much, they donated money to it’s cause. If that doesn’t prove how awesome this show is, I don’t know what is (besides all of Veronica’s attributes).
Indeed it is.
Well now that I listed fifteen sixteen completely valid reasons for why you should have watched Veronica Mars years ago, go forth, my future marshmallows. Go forth and swoon, flail and fangirl. I believe Walmart has the first season for $9.96, at least they do here, go see and buy it! 🙂 (Thank you Walmart<3). 

Posted January 23, 2015 by Amber in More Than This Provincial Life / 17 Comments

17 responses to “What Is Veronica Mars?

  1. Cait

    OMG OMG I WANT TO WATCH IT SO BAD. I love mysteries and I have like an actual book of this I need to read. Aaaand, I was wracking my brain to know where I’d heard the name Kristen Bell from and OMG SHE’S PRINCESS ANNA FROM FROZEN. I need no more reasons. You convinced me. *adds to to-do list*

    • RIGHT? RIGHT? HOW DID YOU LIVE BEFORE NOW? It’s so freaking fantastic and I am so jealous that you have that arc! Gah. Yes, Kristen is Anna! It’s just so great. She’s just so great. You must watch this IMMEDIATELY.

  2. THERE ARE ONLY 3 SEASONS WHY? I actually really liked the first episode of VM, SO I’M HOOKED (don’t tell Holly this, but I love it better than the 100)

  3. Okay, this is an epic post and you’ve completely convinced me to watch it! I’m not sure why I’ve never watched it before, it sounds like every thing I want out of a show and I love Kristen Bell!

    Excuse me while I go marathon this on Prime Instant Video. =)

    • Thank you! I tried! Really hard. Haha. And even now I’m thinking of how I didn’t get into details regarding other characters. Gah.

      You must watch! Kristen Bell is so fantastic. Thanks for stopping by! And discovering the awesomeness of Veronica Mars.

    • Yayyyy, I’m glad you like it! I loveeee Veronica. She is how I wish I had been in HS and I loved how they showed her compared to other students who weren’t big on standing up for themselves or big on revenge.

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