Cleaning Out The Feed(Reader)

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Amber’s Rambles is a semi-regular feature at YA Indulgences where I talk about various topics involving books, blogging and the book blogging blogosphere.
Tonight I am going to be talking about Blog Feeds. I use BlogLovin’ while I know others use Feedly. I love BlogLovin’, it keeps all the blogs in on place, I can organize them, I can create collection and it marks a blog “Read” for me after I click on it. I can also save posts, which I love. So it’s basically a win for me. . .
I don’t know about you guys, but when I started book blogging in July, I followed anybody and everybody. What I mostly started following though were big blogs and a lot of my following incentives was “If I follow them, I get an extra entry for this giveaway”. 
Yes, I was that person. 
It didn’t really matter if I had never before seen the blog in my life. It didn’t matter if they were posting NA, which I’ve never read. I followed them no matter what.
On the other hand, I didn’t just follow blogs with giveaways or “big” blogs.
If I saw a post I liked, I would follow that blog without really examining it at all. 
And then I started following music blogs, fashion blogs, photography blogs, art blogs, random lifestyle blogs. You can imagine how chaotic my feed is when I don’t “filter” it in the different folders I currently have.
Of course, this caused a few problems to occur.
Number One:
I don’t know who I like!
The book blogosphere has gotten massive, if I do say so myself. This makes it a bit hard to keep up with the blogs I like. For example, that saving post plus I mentioned above? Yeah, if I think about a past post I liked, I won’t know who it came from. This causes me to not be sure who I like.
This is causing me to go through every. single. blog. on my feed and put them into different categories, which I’ll get into later.
Long point, short: I DON’T KNOW WHO I LIKE ANYMORE. I’ve followed so many blogs I can’t remember why I followed them, which brings me to….
Number Two:
I’m sorry, who are you again?
I can’t remember who people are, chances are if I’ve talked to you on Twitter, I’m now following your blog (or will be, perhaps). This leads to me kind of forgetting who people are and again, me not knowing what blogs I like.
Number Three:
Loss of Comment Love
The bloggers/blogs I do love don’t always get commented on! 🙁
When I’m checking my blogs, I generally just go in alphabetical order, so if you’re in the Y’s (like me, I really should have thought this whole blog title through), chances are I won’t ever get to you unless I make it a point to….
check blogs in reverse alphabetical order! Which I have done before. 
The bloggers and blogs I love have a mix of names with their titles expanding from As to Is to Ls to Ts to Ys.
I can only check so many blogs in a day. 🙁 So I don’t always check my favorites out.
Number Four:
I avoid my feed. 
Seriously guys, there are just so many blogs on it and I get too intimidated to even try to comment on any. 🙁 I almost created a “FAVORITE favorites folder….
Number Five:
I get to organize!
I now have to go through my feed and unfollow and categorize blogs. I don’t want to, hahaha….
Now this brings me to my point of this post. Over the past couple months, I’ve worked on getting my Feed cleaned out because it is a GIANT mess. If you don’t know, I am participating in Bloggiesta and one of my goals for the weeks was to participate in a mini challenge. I seriously thought about blowing this one off because this specific one is….
Andi from Estella’s Revenge has some ideas on how to Organize your Feed Reader.
Of course, I was only going to blow it off because….why do something this week that I can procrastinate and do some time in the distant future? Ha. It’s like this post was meant just for me. Andi’s post has motivated me to organize my feed reader, which obviously, you guys know I SERIOUSLY need to do.
Andi gave the great tip of organizing the blogs into different folder based on when you can read them. For example, folders for everyday reads, weekday ones,  weekends and a folder for blogs we think we want to follow forever. Or for the long haul. 🙂
I thought I would discuss how I am going to organize my feed reader into different folders. 
Right now, I have the basic folders of:
Book Blogs (Any blogs not in my favorite blogs folder)
  • Fashion Blogs
  • Favorite Book Blogs
  • Music Blogs
  • Random (Yep, this is where all those lifestyle, random article blogs are, as well as whatever I followed without giving too much thought…)
I have added these new folders so far:
  • Possibly Unfollow
  • Weekends (Blogs I’m not sure if I’m interested in)
When I get done with this, I want to only have these folders (for book blogging):
  1. Everyday Faves (My favorite blogs)
  2. Weekend Wonders (Blogs I’m not sure about following)
  3. New To Me (New blogs I’ve discovered and aren’t sure about following)
  4. Possibilities  (Possible blogs to unfollow due to different genres or loss of interest)
Looky, look, see, four nice blogging folders. Four of them. Don’t they look all organized? Yeah, I haven’t gotten that far yet, ha.
Yes, I do have a specific folders for blogs I will unfollow, my feed is that out of control….
This is definitely going to take a bit of time to do, at the moment I am currently following…
Oh, look at that!
751 blogs. Oh! Progress! I thought it was like 981, I have been unfollowing some blogs though 🙁 as I’ve been cleaning out my feed.
So, this was such a fun post to do. Let me know what feedreader or system (bookmarks, lists, etc.) you use and how you keep your “reading of the blogs” in control.
And repeat with me: I will NOT follow all the blogs. I will NOT follow all the blogs.
Did you repeat it? Great!
Feel free to give me any tips or, you know, similar experiences you’ve had with following blogs. 🙂

Posted March 26, 2015 by Amber in Amber's Rambles / 21 Comments

21 responses to “Cleaning Out The Feed(Reader)

  1. 750 blogs. 750…how…HOW DO YOU FREAKING MANAGE. I’ve managed to cut mine down to 100 and something? You are crazy. I also tried making folders, but that just didn’t work out because I looked at everything. Plus I ONLY COMMENT when I’m interested in a post or have something to say. It’s just made my life easier and plus I think bloggers understand that you can’t get to every one of their posts everyday hahah.

    Amber. COMMENT ON ALL MY POSTS NOW. Just kidding 🙂 Also like your new header hehe

    • IT’S LIKE MY POST SAID, WHEN I FIRST STARTED, I JUST FOLLOWED EVERYONE! And it…kind of…got…out of hand…as you can see. I’m working on it! I’m narrowing mine down to 100 (book blogs). Aw, I generally only read my “Favorite book blogs” folder, but I know all my “favorites” aren’t really in there.

      Haha, yeah, I’m sure bloggers understand that, but there’s times when I won’t comment on someone’s blog in like a week and I’m like “omggg”. Especially when I first read it and WANTED to comment on it, just…didn’t.

      I will comment on your posts some day. 😉 Just kidding, I’ll do it soon. I’ve been meaning to, but ugh, I don’t know what happens. 🙂

      Thanks! I was inspired to make one after a Bloggiesta chat. I thought it’d do for now.

  2. Oh I am right there with you! It is INSANE. I was “that guy” too- who’d follow literally any blog that posted anything moderately interesting OR was doing a giveaway. I am “only” following 559, but that’s because I cleaned out all non-book bloggers a long time ago. I need to do something again though, because I LIKE Bloglovin. But I never use it because… holy too many blogs!

    BUT- I feel WAY TOO GUILTY to unfollow, which is my big problem. So these lists you have brought up- genius! I LOVE the idea of having ones I MUST check, and then ones I’d like to check if I have a chance. (In theory, everyone else should get unfollowed, but we both know that is not likely to happen!) GREAT post, I am definitely taking your advice!

    • Haha, yes, and now we’re paying for following all of these people. 😉 Gah, never ending blog posts to read. Ooh, only 559? That’s not bad. Haha.

      I would clear out the non-book blogs, but I have specialzed folders for them so…I don’t really have to. 🙂

      Folders are THE best thing ever with these feeds. I don’t know what I would do without them. <3

      Yes, in theory those blogs would be unfollowed but…. Haha, I'm kind of losing my "unfollowing" problem.

      Good! I can't take all the credit though, Andi's post made me type this one up, although I did do the collections from the start. 😉 Just not so organized, which really helps more!

  3. I am in a similar situation. So many follows I can’t even begin to visit them all. Like you, I want to comment and visit my favorites more. I need to filter through mine and organize them. I didn’t even realize you could folder blogs on bloglovin. I will have to look into that more. Looks like a good summer project!

    • Organizing can be so hard, because where do you even start? By separating your favorites? Going by alphabet? Create the random categories first. Ha, it’s so hard.

      Yep! Folders are the best thing ever on BlogLovin’, I just love them. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  4. readerbuzz

    When I first started blogging, I had a sidebar with blogs I wanted to visit. That soon got out of control. Then I collected them on Google Friend Connect. Google got rid of its feeder. Sigh. I still don’t have a great way to visit blogs I love.

    • I’m still sad about google getting rid of it’s Reader/Feeder. I hope you find a way to keep track your blogs. I really like BlogLovin’ for the reasons I mentioned above, categories, saving posts, people following you through BlogLovin’. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. I have the same problem. I think I’m following around 600 blogs on Bloglovin at the moment. I have been meaning to cut them down for ages, because half the stuff that comes up in my feed I’m not interested in, but it just seems like such a huge task, so I’ve been putting it off. I didn’t actually know you could separate them into categories though, so I might have to give that a go!

    • Yes! I had followed so many blogs that only really post blitzes and tours and I’m not always super into them, so I end up just marking the posts as “read” and unfollowing some. It’s bad to see a lot of blogs in the feed and not be interested in half of them. 🙁

      Oh good, I hope the categories work for you! I know I was lost before them. I still am. 😉 Thank you for stopping by.

  6. Erin @ The Hardcover Lover

    I’ve been cleaning mine out too because I did the exact same thing. I think I’m following 1000 blogs right now. I didn’t even know… Oops. I just feel bad because I’m afraid I’m accidentally going to unfollow someone who I talk to on Twitter all of the time because I still haven’t associated blogs to Twitter accounts.

    • Wow, I don’t feel so bad now. 😉 I know what you mean, I want to be careful about who I unfollow in case I talk to that person on Twitter. I think i’m pretty safe from that though because I only talk to so many people on Twitter that I also follow. 🙂 My problem is following people on Twitter and forgetting to check out their blogs. Gah….

      Good luck on cleaning out your feed!

  7. I’m following around 55-ish blogs right now, but I have the same problem with posts. I mostly check my feed on my phone, which often stops me from commenting. Every time I read a post on my phone, I unmark it as read so I can comment on it once I get on a computer. Then when I get on the computer, all the posts I have read that have built up over days of non-commenting is overwhelming. I usually end up just marking everything as read and sporadically commenting on random posts. Not the best habit. I haven’t considered making folders yet solely because I don’t know what I’d divide things into. Currently I only follow book blogs, but I’m not sure how to divide things yet.

    Claire @ Cover to Cover

    • Wow, 55ish. That’s a really nice following amount. 🙂 I used to have the same problem with commenting on a phone/ipad. 🙁 I’d save the post, but then I’d just keep saving and saving and saving and soon I’d have over a hundred posts I’d wanted to comment on. Gosh…

      I mark everything as read too with different blogs, if I know I probably won’t comment on them. I think just dividing your favorites from your “not so sure” blogs would be a good start. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by Claire!

  8. I’m following way too many blogs too, back from when I entered contests and followed everyone who followed me. It’s a mess. I have most of the book blogs grouped by where I found them (Bloggiesta, BBAW, Twitter, etc), but like Estella’s idea of having folders for the days of the week and am going to try that.

    Will keep my Favorites folder and the non-book folders, but all the book blogs will be sorted into days of the week. I’m hoping that will make it easier to keep up with commenting.

    I don’t have an Unfollow folder, but do have a Last Chance one, which is sorta the same thing. I mean, there must have been a reason I followed them in the first place, right? Too bad I can’t remember!

    I just checked and I’m following 567 blogs right now. Thought I had gotten it lower than that, so need to get back to work!

    Terri @ Alexia’s Books and Such…

    • it’s so easy to get caught up in following blogs for contests or following them just because they followed you. I did both of those a lot and I regret following “everyone” (because I stopped at some point), because now I have so many blogs I’m following. 🙁

      Ooh, it’s an interesting idea, grouping the blogs by source, I’ve thought about that before because I’ll talk to someone on Twitter, follow them on there, add them to BlogLovin’ and promptly forget who in the world it was and won’t remember later. Lol. Organizing by days of the week could be helpful! Especially since there won’t be so many blogs all in one spot (most likely). Commenting will get easier too.

      Right! I know what you mean with not remembering. 😉 Last Chance, that’s a great name, I may borrow that one. Haha.

      I haven’t lowered my following count by many (if any) since making this post, so I should stop slacking as well! Thank you for stopping by! 😀

  9. This is a fantastic post! I am also a huge fan of Bloglovin’, but I follow WAY too many blogs to keep up with all of them. I just randomly go through my feed – and I know I miss out on some great posts that way! I need to go make some categories, but I wish that Bloglovin’ would send me an email for just certain categories once I’ve made them. That would really help me out (they haven’t added that functionality yet, have they?). Right now, I follow the blogs I really don’t want to miss by email, but then my inbox can get overwhelming sometimes too!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

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